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Content creators, sit back and relax.
Let us do the busy work

Twitch and YouTube livestream alerts
Social media feeds
Everything to manage your community

Invite Bot Dashboard

Unlimited Twitch and YouTube notifications for streams 💪

Control your live stream notifications on Twitch and YouTube all from one place. Never let your community miss a notification again, no matter the platform.
Add a user via their Twitch, YouTube, or both and specify the room and role to get mentioned when the user goes live. Easily done in seconds!

Keep your community up to date with Mastodon feeds 🐘

People are moving away from Twitter and that's fair, so we want to provide you with a tool to share your latest "toots"!

Follow users or hashtags to share with your community, and even choose which rooms get which posts!

Welcome messages and auto roles 🤗

Welcome your new folks with open arms by letting them know what to do, and where to go!
Community is important, and no one likes the default role colour, so spice it up and welcome your users with a starting out role!

Ultimate embedding tool, completely unlimited 😲

Ultimate embedding tool, completely unlimited

Most bots restrict the embed count, and it's for one thing only... Your !
We don't believe in that at Gezel, so with our bot you can have as many embedded messages as you'd like, that you can edit to your hearts content.

Give your users the freedom to pick whatever roles they'd like! 🔓

With the power of reaction roles, you can allow your users to choose whatever roles suit them! Allow them to choose roles for notifications, information, the freedom is all yours!
We also have an auto role setting to give every user a specific rule when they join the server because no one likes looking at the default color...

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Finished Work in progress Not started
  1. UI fixes
    We've cleaned up the UI quite a bit to make it easier. There will be more to come as we navigate away from CSS Grid and move towards Tailwind Grid, but we're happy going into the new year with this progress.
    Completetion date: December 20th, 2022
  2. Removal of "Premium"
    We have removed the idea of "Premium" for now, so the bot is completely free, and plans to be that way for a long time to come. We may eventually look into a premium option when server costs get too high, but happy to foot the bill for now and keep you guys happy!
    Completetion date: December 9th, 2022
  1. YouTube integration (livestream)
    Integrating livestream notifications for YouTube the same way they work on Twitch.
    Completetion date: December 27th, 2022
  2. YouTube integration (uploads)
    Integrating a system to post latest YouTube uplods from selected accounts.
    Completetion date: No set date on development
  3. Mastodon integration PRIORITY
    Mostly sorted, just needs some final tweaks to work inside production.
    This will allow you to automatically embed your latest Mastodon posts, or any hashtags of your choosing from Mastodon via RSS.
    Completetion date: In final stages
  4. Removal of CSS Grid + CSS fixes
    Working on making the dashboard more user friendly on different browsers and displays. Moving away from CSS Grid and DaisyUI to helps solve problems on mobile and Firefox.
    Completetion date: In final stages
  5. Custom slash commands
    Begin work on adding slash commands for users to build on their sites. Great for repeated questions inside your server.
    Example: /streamschedule outputs an embed or message with a link or information about a streamers schedule.
    Completetion date: WIP
  1. TikTok integration
    We plan on adding features to auto post your latest TikTok videos, as well as notifications for when you go live on TikTok, the same way how YouTube and Twitch works.
    Completetion date: WIP
  2. Adoption into beta
    At this stage, any users will be able to sign up and in to the bot. We need to hit 75 Discord servers and pass Discords entry to the Directory.
    Completetion date: WIP